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140g Je¿ki Café 140g Tomorrow's Day the most important features: biscuit biscuits, a smooth, delicate coffee note: 140gJe¿ki Café 140g Tomorrow's DayWhen you feel like something sweet, reach for the Je¿ki Café! Delicious and unique in taste cookiesJe¿ki Café is the perfect cookie for real connoisseurs. Combining several different flavours in one small biscuit is a pleasure full of surprises for the senses. Cookies are a real delicacy that allows you to enjoy the pleasure of tastes, crunchy nuts and rice balls with a velvety taste of icing. Explosion of taste and joyCakes are a combination of classic wheat flour biscuit, a delicate layer of sweet caramel, a sprinkling of hazelnuts and rice crisps and a topping of milk chocolate.