18490 Dymo Rhino Nylon Dam Flexible Ta 12 Mm Black On Yellow 163L848

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Features: Made of flexible nylon, they are ideal for marking wires, cables, rounded and rough surfaces, Designed to fit and hold on bends, made of tear-resistant material to resist damage when pulled through tight spaces and cable trays, The adhesive used is resistant to mechanical loads, high and low temperatures and UV light - thanks to this, the labels will not curl or fall off, UL-certified as a component of UL 969, RoHS compliant Original product, brand new, in original packaging From the manufacturer: With 60 years of experience in manufacturing a very wide range of label printers and extruders, the DYMO brand offers an unrivalled quality of its products, which makes it easy to work in a huge number of industries, companies and industries, as well as assisting its users in their daily lives by helping them organize their workplace and home. It is through years of experience that DYMO has become a world leader in providing simple, easy and innovative solutions for home, office, warehouse, etc.